Going On Holiday

Due to not being independent like my sisters, my only chance of getting away is going with my family. Since we celebrated my dad’s birthday last year with a huge family holiday, including all the boyfriends, we’ve decided to make it an annual thing, but other than that, I don’t get away. With this in mind, I decided to go with my parents and younger sister again like I did before I met my boyfriend (I felt almost homesick when I went shortly after we got together). 

So, with my stupid amount of anxiety, it’s easy to wonder, do I get nervous?
Yes. Though I love going away to explore and do new things, I panic about the things I take with me. Being 2 hours away from home, I can’t exactly go back to get whatever I’ve forgotten. And this time, I feel I may have taken my love for lists, a little too far. I calculated the amount of days I would be gone, so I could work out how many jeans and t-shirts I would need. I also, took the various types of weather we Brits get, into account, leaving me with multiple types of cardigans so I wouldn’t get too hot or cold.
And then there’s things I use on a daily basis. I went through my everyday routine in my head and wrote down all the things I use, and items I used on the morning I left, I wrote on a piece of paper and stuck on my mirror so I remembered to pack them.
When I was younger, I used to go overboard with luxury items. I would bring my Nintendo, gameboy, drawing book, all my stuffed animals (there was easily over 20) and anything I thought I would use but never did. Now that I am older, it’s just essential that I bring my phone and iPod. That is all. I did however bring a few Zelda comic books to read, but knowing my obsessive nature, I would fantasize about the games and then develop and urge to play.
I am a very picky person about the things that I need to take with me. In the sense that, even if someone else has it, I prefer to bring my own. Like my sister said she’d take her straighteners so I wouldn’t have to bring mine, but I couldn’t bare the thought of not using mine. Before though, I wouldn’t let anyone use my stuff. I was protective of everything that was mine (I still am to a certain degree), so if we were going away a few years ago, under no circumstances would I allow anyone to use my straighteners, yet this time, I couldn’t really care less. So we decided to take mine instead.
Another thing that makes me nervous is leaving my birds behind. I now own six which is more than I’ve had before so there’s more to do when looking after them. My boyfriend has said he’ll keep an eye on the house and the animals whilst we are gone, and even though I trust him, I’m always thinking of the worst case scenario. He knows how everything goes when it comes to feeding them and giving them fresh water, but I couldn’t help but explain to him anyway. And my key phrase was “count six before going in.” Just so he knows where they all are so they don’t get out.

On a more positive note, I was in great need of a break and getting away has been extremely relaxing.

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